Access One Of The World's First ISO 14064-1 Compliant Carbon Management Systems
Meet One of The World’s First Digital Carbon Management Systems Compliant With the ISO 14064-1 Standard!
Co2nsensus presents to you its industry-leading solution that is dedicated to close the sustainability gap, Co2nnectorPro. This solution helps organizations calculate and report their carbon footprints while providing sustainability and helping them become “carbon neutral” organizations.
Why Co2nnectorPro?
100% Accurate Results
The RINA verified software guarantees accurate results.
24/7 Accessibility
Provide 24/7 access to all your employees.
Fast and Simple
Calculate months of work in no time.
Minimum Cost
Save up to 80% on costs with our automated calculation tools.
Digital Archive
Securely store your calculations in our digital data warehouse (cloud).
Manage your carbon footprint via our self-service software, never require any consultancy.
Maximize your experience with our user-friendly infrastructure.
Discover our wide range of pricing offers.
Benchmarking, grouping, optimization, verification, and offsetting modules streamline carbon footprint management.
Meet Co2nnectorPro Get a closer look into Co2nnectorPro’s unique features!
Best UI Discover Co2nnectorPro’s user-friendly interface.
Carbon Management Made Easy Conquer one of the world’s first RINA verified carbon footprint management systems!
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Pricing Take your first step in the Net Zero journey now with Co2nnectorPro Calculation and reporting in accordance with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1, verified by RINA.
Full Version Plans
$200 / Month
$2,400 year. Billed annually
Calculation & Reporting Analysis Carbon Offsetting
* The package price includes one location and one user. Each location to be added is charged 240$, and each user is subject to a fee of 120$.
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